Custom Work

Ever wondered about having custom work made?

I've made quite a few custom pieces for people over the years and each project has been an amazing experience that I've been honored to be involved with.  Some of my favorites were the bride who brought back sand from her honeymoon and had earrings made, and a couple who had matching rings made from shells they brought back from vacation. 

If you've ever wondered (or talked to me at a show!) about having custom work made, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
How much sand do you need?
  • Many pieces don't require a large amount of sand.  To be on the safe side, you should try to provide at least two tablespoons.  (If this isn't possible, please contact me - I can sometimes work with as little as a quarter of a teaspoon for some pieces.)
Do you only work with sand?
  • No, I'm always happy to work with other materials.  I can mix different sands together, and use some other materials as well - ashes, crushed shells, and dirt are all options.  (If you are sending me ashes, please contact me in advance so that I can treat them with the care and respect they deserve.)
What can I have made with my sand? How do I give you my sand?
  • You can ship your sand to me via USPS.  (If you prefer another carrier, please contact me before shipping.)  After you place you order and check out, I will email you with an address to ship your sand.  I recommend double bagging your sand - and I often receive shipments in small flat rate boxes, which cost under $8 to ship and are trackable.
  • You can drop off your sand and place your order at any show I'm attending.
How long will it take to make my custom piece?
  • Please try to allow 4-6 weeks for me to make your piece, and remember that I cannot begin until after I've received your sand.
  • If you need a custom piece faster than this, please contact me.
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