Custom Work

Ever wondered about having custom work made?

I've made quite a few custom pieces for people over the years and each project has been an amazing experience that I've been honored to be involved with.  Some of my favorites were the bride who brought back sand from her honeymoon and had earrings made, and a couple who had matching rings made from shells they brought back from vacation. 

If you've ever wondered (or talked to me at a show!) about having custom work made, here's a look at what goes into it.

  • Many pieces don't require a large amount of sand.  I can work with as little as a quarter of a teaspoon for some pieces.
  • I can mix different sands together, and use some other materials as well - ashes, crushed shells, and dirt are all options. 
  • I can use your sand in any of the pieces I currently carry, and I don't charge an additional fee for custom work.
  • You can drop off your sand and pick a piece to customize at any show I'm attending.
  • Or you can email me, and I'll give you an address where you can mail your sand!
Order Now

Sand Dot Ring

I wear one of these rings on my little finger, but it makes a beautiful and unusual engagement ring or a classic every day ring.  Pick any size (I even make quarter sizes!) and have a sterling silver ring made just for you.  The sand dot on this piece measures 6.5mm in diameter.

Have a ring custom made for $80.

Sand Band Rings

The most popular custom piece is a band ring like the one shown at left.  (If you don't know your ring size, most jewelry stores will size you for free, or you can stop by a show and I'll size you!)

Have it custom made for only $25.

Sand Dot Earrings

My favorite every day earrings are these tiny sand dots - they measure just 6.5mm in diameter and are mounted in oxidized sterling silver.

Have a pair custom made for $65.